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Going Green Facts - Why You Should Start It

Present Going Green Facts

Green has gone from everything from recycling to landscapes to foods to sheets to household appliances and even building materials. It seems as though everywhere you turn these days there is something on "green"- the news, politics, technology, fashion and so on. It is impossible to escape the fact that each of us should be doing what we can to "go green".

If you have yet to consider why you should go green, there are two very important reasons why- to protect the environment and to save money. Going green is a means to achieve both. Making a positive impact is simple, and it starts with each of us.

As globalization makes the world become smaller (better put, easier for each of us to identify with the lives of other people, ecosystems, and animals around the world) It is much easier to understand how lives are affected through the process of different methods used for the manufacturing of goods. The over harvest of forests for wood products, pesticides, greenhouse gas emissions and so on affect people in different areas of the world. While that wooden swing set may look like a great deal, what method was used to manufacture it? Was a forest cleared? Were new trees planted? Everything we do affects the planet. Choices we make should be healthy choices.

When you begin to think of the positive impact even recycling plastic bottles can bring, you wonder why you have not gone green. The reality of the situation is that it is not hard to go green, and even little lifestyle changes can make a big difference.

Why Go Green

  •     To reduce carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere
  •     To protect our forests
  •     To protect habitat and biodiversity
  •     To save our landfills
  •     To save energy

Tips on Going Green

  •     Eat local, organic and seasonal foods
  •     Choose green cosmetics
  •     Replace your appliances with ENERGY STAR appliances
  •     Take the bus or ride your bike when possible
  •     Recycle everything you can recycle
  •     Purchase products made with recycled goods
  •     Purchase clothing and bedding that is eco-friendly, such as, bamboo sheets
  •     Use green cleaning products

Just simple steps, such as teaching your child to pick up a piece of garbage at the park and put it in the waste bin, practicing recycling, turning off the water while you lather up during your showers, using both sides of a paper, purchasing local and organic produce and meat, purchasing products that are eco-friendly, and so on are all measures that make a dramatic impact on the earth and the reason that each of us should go green.

Going green not only makes a difference for today, but, makes for a healthier tomorrow and it starts with each of us. No matter how simple or small, help the environment, you and your loved ones, and those around the world.
Going Green Facts - Why You Should Start It
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