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Facts on pollution

Facts on pollution - what the effects

There is no shortage of effects out there from pollution that we all need to be aware of. The effects cause harm to humans, pets, plants, trees, and aquatic life. All living things are adversely effected by pollution and so we all need to do what we can to identify it and to reduce it.

Human health is a big factor when it comes to the effects of pollution. The body has to stay healthy if it is going to be able to function properly. Breathing in harmful elements means that it is harder to breath and that respiratory problems can occur. This isn't just a problem for the elderly but for even very small children as well as adults of all ages.

Animals play a vital role on the survival of humans. The food chain has a very delicate balance associated with it. When that isn't well maintained then it can through everything into chaos. Pollution such as forest fires, destruction of trees and even plants can all be very serious for the future. We have to give them the environment they need to be healthy and to thrive.

Both humans and animals can suffer from various health problems including viruses, cancer, and deformities due to the effects of pollution. Many birth defects are believed to be the result of pollution and the mother being exposed to forms of contamination during the development of the fetus. This can also occur for the young of animals in the wild even though it isn't as widely documented.

In addition to depending on animals for food we also need to be able to grow items. The soil has to be free from pollution in order for us to properly grow food that is good for us to eat. The use of chemicals to destroy weeds and pests has been in place for a long time. Yet what occurs is that the pests and the weeds develop an immunity. Then we have to use stronger chemicals and more of them in the future.

Even with the processing that it in place for food that is grown residue from such chemicals can remain on the foods that you buy from markets and from your local grocery store. When it rains chemicals can run down into the water areas. You will also find that soil erosion is a very serious problem because of the toll that the chemicals take on the environment.

Trees are something to take a very close look at when you talk about the effects of pollution. We rely on trees to provide us with high levels of oxygen that humans and other living things need for survival. Yet the effects of acid rain have caused them to offer less oxygen than before. Acid rain can be a complex issue to resolve but it comes down to the various chemicals in the soil and in the water that get taken up into the air and then when it rains spreads those particles again.

Each of the effects of pollution out there seem to have a chain reaction that continues to be important too. You can't just say that it isn't a big deal that trees or animals are harmed because in the end that also means that humans are being harmed. What is hard though is to really pinpoint how many of the concerns out there are due to pollution and what is due to other contributing factors.

As we find out more about the facts on pollution and the effects  though it conveys a strong message that all of us have to do our part to reduce it any way that we possibly can.
Facts on pollution
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