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Eco Friendly Ideas for Your Home

6  Eco Friendly Ideas for Better Home

You will find that in your adventures of upgrading and remodeling your house how much money you will save by "going green". The benefits of saving money as well as helping the environment should be enough of a reason for everyone to use these helpful tips.

There is a huge difference between being cost efficient and being Eco-friendly. Trying to save money by being cheap and purchasing appliances that are made from harmful materials or just plain generic cheap products are worse for your home in the long run. Sometimes changing your lifestyle to being a little more environmentally friendly can cost more than regular generic products but in the long run it will save you on your at home expenses. Feel free to share your knowledge with others or any other great ideas with me!

Eco-friendly bathroom

The bathroom is a large consumer of tons of water in your home. It gets wasted every day. Bringing down the amount of water wasted by installing better water efficient faucets, shower-heads and toilets can help reduce the wastage. Installing a dual setting flush for the toilets in your home can give you the option of flushing only the required amount of water each flush. There are many "go green" and Eco-friendly materials like bamboo to make cabinets, shelves, drawers etc. Natural flooring can replace many man made ones. Also, using recycled glass as tile for your bathroom remodel is a great idea as well.

Eco-friendly kitchen

The kitchen can easily be remodeled to an eco-friendly one by switching to appliances that are more energy efficient. Most dishwashers have energy efficient methods of producing water, and not over using water. Appliances like induction cooktops are very popular as they use a molecular movement for heating and not natural gas. Use flooring made of natural stones, recycled glass tiles or bamboo is a great idea for flooring (or walls). For the countertops too you can switch to natural stones that not just look good but are low maintenance too.

Eco-Friendly Lights

Lighting is a huge part of every home and business. Most homes and businesses have turned to compact fluorescent lighting. These types of light bulbs can be a tad costly at the time of purchase but saves you on money and resources over time. They use about 75% less energy and last almost 10 times longer than regular bulbs.

Eco-friendly paint

The paint that you use in your house should only be that which uses non-volatile organic compounds. Paints high in non-VOC are extremely unhealthy for the people in the house as well as for the environment. This may be slightly difficult to procure as not all brands have non-VOC paints but with a little effort and research you may be able to get one.

Eco-friendly flooring

The flooring of the house can be switched to natural stones or bamboo as they are completely natural and do not emit any dangerous vapors.

Eco-friendly heating

Rather than regular heaters and geysers you should try solar heating for heating water as it uses the natural sunlight for heating and does not consume any electricity. Solar panels for your home's electricity helps reduce the cost of heating your house. Solar panels are a costly investment but are well worth it in the long run.

Act Now..

Get a water tank for rain water.

That's right. You should start collecting that precious water from above because there are so many uses that you can find for it. You can use that water to water the plants but the most common use would be to flush the toilet. Just imagine how much water and water bill you can save when you buy water tanks for this purpose.

Buy a solar water heater.

Yes, a sun-powered water heater would be a great improvement in your home. Especially if you are living in a place that mostly experiences cold weather, then you would be always be in need of hot water. And that's where a solar water heater will come in very handy. It will save you a lot of money from your electricity bill. Don't think that you will be spending a lot of money getting one installed in your house. In the long run you can save a lot of money by using the free energy source of the sun.

Get started with your green living today with these eco friendly ideas. These are very easy to follow although with the water tanks and the solar powered water heater you will have to spend just to get them. But overall these are great ways for you to contribute to conserving our natural resources.
Eco Friendly Ideas for Your Home
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